Fun Morning in Cocoa Beach

A really great morning of surf. Clean off shore light wind and pretty sets rolling in. A bit cool, but the water felt like a hot tub.

BTW, the new 7'7 Scud is magic. I will be surfing nothing but the Scud from now on. Some background info on the shape. It is the Accelerator rocker, rails, and thickness. Same quad placement too. Nothing but the Tomo(ish) template changes. Parallel rails is all that's different. And of course the notched tail to relieve some of the lift of the wide ass tail. Otherwise it would be out of control from too much tail.

Dave on the 8'6X32 Inlet Runner made for big boys

Jacky on her new 9'9 x 28.5 longboard with the newer template tweaks. She loves it. The most in control longboard she's surfed. That makes 3 of us riding the latest tweaks, Don, Jacky and myself. FYI, we're talking very minor tweaks, like 1/4"-3/8" tweaks to the template.