Carolina Beach Inlet Friday Morning

The inlet went off this morning. Butch, Brian, and myself had a blast. 

I tested my longboard as a quad. I was surprised by how much performance the board lost running quads.

I think telling you a story about windsurfing, will best describe what's wrong with quads on my longboard.

A windsurfer makes speed by turning the side vector force of the sail, into forward motion via the fin. So the fin size is critical to optimum performance, and must be matched to the sail size. Too small a fin and the board is slow because its not converting enough of the side force into forward speed. Too big a fin and you're just adding drag. The right fin, and you win the race.

Quads on the longboard (in the pocket) were slow. The board wandered and didn't convert the wave energy into speed. The single fin took the waves energy (side vector force) and converted it into forward speed.

The quads paddled faster, as you would expect. It's why 14 foot raceboards are going small multi-fin. It's less drag than a big single fin. But that alone, is not good enough reason to use quads in my longboard.