The Speed Rail Report

As many of you know, I've been testing Blane Chambers latest rail shape concept in my boards. 

Blane's board that inspired me to test the concept on my own boards.

The Speed Rail installed on Jacky's Accelerator Pro Model.

What does it do? Everything Blane said it would do!

It paddles faster. You catch waves easier on mushy days. Love this.

It surfs faster, especially in soft waves. It makes the Tomo and SIM concept obsolete for me.

It goes rail to rail easier. Really noticeable if you're a wiggle waggle surfer going down the line. You immediately feel, and surf better.

Notice anything familiar about the characteristics listed above?  It perfectly describes what would happen if you surfed a narrow board. The pros can go ahead and surf their 25 and 26 wide boards. The rest of us need wider boards. Now we can have a taste of what they experience.

The only drawback I've been able to determine so far....

A tiny amount in increased side to side wobble when standing. My best guess, add 1/2" of board width to compensate. You'll still have a planing surface several inches narrower that your current board.

In hurricane swell, well overhead, I did hear noise coming from the rail, but did not experience any loss of hold. This is the only baffling issue I'm still working on. I talked to a windsurf designer last week, who said, stepped tail windsurf boards make noise too, but they work, so you live with it.