NC Surf Trip

I made a run up to Carolina Beach to catch the big surf forecast for Tuesday evening. Brian Autry (a.k.a. surf machine) and Brad Jones tested a few prototype shapes for me. The conditions were wild, bumpy, windy, and extreme. Expert only SUP conditions. I think Brad won the title of Surf Machine Tuesday, wow!  What do you think?

Brian is on gray 7'8 x 30 Accelerator with speed chine. Brad is on teal 7'8 x 30.5 Accelerator with speed chine.

Brian tried to put the brakes on to cover up. Board is smoking fast!

The ride that never ends..... keep digging!

Right over the pilings! No Fear

Same wave........taking it to the house!

Yep, still the same wave!

Finally.....the end

196 lbs on Jacky's board