Hydrofoiling Again

Today at Kelly Park the choices were:

a) if 7.5m was your biggest sail, you sat on the benches and shot the shit all day.

b) if 8.5m was your biggest sail, you could take that, and huge board, and go.

c) if you've got a foil, all you needed was a 5.7m and you're golden.

Wow, has foiling turned windsurfing on it's head. Woohoo.

8.5 Ezzy Infinity versus 5.7 Ezzy Elite.

Here, I intentionally let the foil break the surface. I heard it break, and decided to flirt with disaster to see what would happen. Look behind the board at the wake in the water. That's where it broke the surface. I go back up and break the surface again. The following photos show the penalty.

Strapless riding is looking smart about now.