It was so good Sunday, I only took 15 minutes to shoot a few before we quit for the day. What a day it was. Water temp 70, air 75-80

Jacky on her Accelerator Pro 7'7 x 28.0

Dave on his 8'5 Grande

Another New Model is Born

A windSUP that is different...

I have shaped and sailed many windSUPs over the years. I have always thought the reason windSUPs never really caught on, big time in the windsurf community, is they fall short in sailing performance. So I've worked to fix this.

I took the template from my favorite longboard SUP, and threw out the surf rocker. I replaced it with a windsurf wave board rocker. The result is a board that is fun to sail in waves.

Sure it works as a SUP too, it's just biased toward the windsurf wave riding side. You have to pick your compromises. As for how it paddle surfs, surprisingly well. In fact, the non hard core surfer, might not even be able to tell the difference. It's weakness is exposed when you try to hang ten. It's not going to happen with the extra nose kick this board needed to work with the flatter windsurf wave board rocker. But, you can still get the true longboard feel, trimming with your feet all the way to the front of the pad, making the board fly along the wave face. It is a very fun board to paddle surf on small days.

Construction is full carbon top and bottom. Plus full Innegra cloth (no netting) top.

It comes with a single rear footstrap to be used for surf entry and exit. Grab the strap and lift the tail coming in to escape the shore pound. Drag the board out tail first when entering the water. The strap is tight to the tail, to reduce risk of board flipping, and twisting your wrist or arm. If that's not a concern for you, and you'd like the rear strap placed for sailing, it comes with the insert for that too.

It also comes with a footstrap (handle) mounted into the rear of the mast track. This is the spot on balance point. So a single mast track provides the ideal mast foot and handle mounting points.

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Here is drone video Larry shot and edited. Taken Wednesday in tiny surf at Cherie Down Park on my windSUP. The wind came up to 8-10 later, so Larry and I both put sails on our boards and had a super fun session. Sorry, not drone footage of the wave sailing session.

The Jetty Today

The wind went off today. 

We kited the Jetty starting at 8:30 am with surfboard and Drifter kites.

Then switched to windsurfers. Me on my Quatro wave board with 6.1, and Jacky on her RRD wave board with a 5.0. 

Then capped the day off saying Hello to Damien at the Cabrinha demo going on at Cherie Down Park.

What a day!

The crew

The crew