I'm now offering Black Project Paddles.

These are the best paddles I've used, and I've used, and owned, every top brand on the market going back ten years.

What sets Black Project apart from all the rest?

1) The lightest on the market. Nobody wants swing weight when surfing a short board SUP.

2) The smallest diameter shaft I seen in any paddle. From an engineer's point of view, the smallest diameter shaft wins! It allows for the least amount of weight, and most amount of bending before a failure. This is good! Fat shafts cannot match a skinny.

3) The blade "angle" is reduced to match the needs of the high performance short board SUP surfer.

4) The blade edge is generously rounded, in such a brilliant way, that rail tapes, or taping the paddle blade, no longer makes any sense.

5) These might be the only paddles on the market designed specifically for the short board SUP surfer.